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To avoid replacing broken Bosch parts, here are some helpful hints:


1 -  Use your blender lid as a wrench to remove the blades. The slots on the back side, fit perfectly over the ‘wings’ of the blades. Just unscrew them, clean & replace, tightening slightly.


2 -  Always place the blender funnel in the lid, spout side down. Use it for slow pour applications like mayo.


3 -  Remove the center post to thoroughly wash the Bosch Bowl. Peak down the shaft of the older Bosch bowl without the removable center post t, looking for dough. Run lots of warm water through it to soften & rinse away. After washing your Bosch bowl, always cover the motor mount area with the center lid to prevent moisture from corroding the motor mount area. Reassemble, the next day, ready for use!


4 -  To avoid losing parts & pieces, I use a large salad bowl. I can easily find my whips, bowl scraper, cookie paddles, even the Roller/Flaker attachment.  Other gals use a large drawer for everything.


5 -  When using the slicer shredder bowl as a mixing bowl, place the Bosch center lid on it as a cover.


6 - Thaw butter a bit before adding to your Bosch. It might chip away at cookie paddles or would certainly twist wire whips!


7 ~ NEVER wash your Bosch Bowl or the metal drives in the dishwasher! Just soak in some hot, sudsy water & all the dough easily melts. Use a dish brush around the spur gear. Clean as a whistle in minutes.


 If either your Bosch or Mill breaks, contact Dave at 1 - 800 – my bosch.

He is loves Alaskans!

Best of all, he knows his trade, still going strong after 30+ years.