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July Greetings!

Thank the LORD for our founding fathers’ vision for our Country! God’s Guiding Hand certainly has led us and blessed us through the last 241 years! What a blessing we can still pray each day for our country & leaders. We truly need God’s grace and mercy! Here is an excellent July 4th video reminding us our heritage, lest it be lost, share it with your family & friends. It is up to us to pass it along…http://www.thelostsecretsofliberty.com




A very dedicated family in our midst needs our support, Duane & Teresa Clark. You might know Duane’s smiling face from farmer’s markets both in the Valley and various locations in Anchorage. They love the Lord & faithfully serve him at Immanuel Baptist off Trunk Road. They have been carrying a heavy burden for 8 years now. Their son, Joshua, has a debilitating form of muscular dystrophy. They have done their due diligence to help Joshua in many ways, but his condition is deteriorating. Thankfully, they found a doctor in the San Francisco area who can help them, through physical therapy. Their goal is to go down for a couple of weeks in July with their older daughters so they can all learn the techniques to teach Joshua’s body to function more properly again! It will be a team effort as these daily therapy sessions several hours! As you can imagine this process is quite expensive. A YouCaring account is in place for their needs. 


Last weekend the Clarks suffered another loss, the tragic death of their older son, Johnathan. As you can imagine their burden intensified as well as the financial demands of a funeral. Even with incredibly heavy hearts, they still want to pursue this opportunity for Joshua. If everyone gave just $25 or $50, what a blessing and encouragement that would be!  Please consider helping this hurting family, financially and prayerfully. Share this giving opportunity with your friends, too. Folks love to help in time of extreme need. This certainly qualifies as a time of need for the Clarks.  Everyone who gives at least $50 to the Clarks by July 4th, will receive a 10% savings on your total purchase during your next visit to the Granary. I can make a list from the YouCaring website.


Our last Sizzle Class was a smashing success: Delicious 8 Grain Bread, Pulled Roast, A Really Good Chili, Three Grain Pilaf, and Crème Brule, all using the Sizzle Pots (except the bread). Last night, my hubby exclaimed, “I love your Sizzle Pot!” Why? “Your corn is really tender.”  Hallelujah! I started cooking yams cut in half, about 10 minutes later added onion slices and corn on the cob, letting it cook (steam) another 10 minutes. So easy, all in one pot! Quick decision ~ sizzle something at each bread class! they are such good pans!


WHOLE GRAINS 101 Saturday, July 8th at 10 AM ~ From one batch of bread, we’ll make loaves, pizza & cinnamon rolls for our guests to take home! Learn the differences between grains & how best to use them. Always expect great food, fellowship, and a boat load of information. Also on the menu is a Chicken dinner in one pot, a SIZZLE POT of course!


BREAD MARATHON, 10 DIFFERENT OUTCOMES! Thursday, August 17th at 6 PM ~ Love our bread, love those variations! We’ll do a one pot burger meal in the SIZZLE at this class! *Please note the date change from the July 13th to the August 27th.



·       SAVE THE WEEKEND ~ October 12 – 14th for our fall Wholy Living event! TIS the SEASON with WHOLY LIVING! Deb is dreaming up some great Holiday recipes, methods featuring our next line of products! Still undecided about a Thursday-Friday Event or Friday-Saturday Event. Please weigh in with your preference!

·       We will not be around much on Tuesdays during regular hours in July. You are always welcome to call & come up if we are here. Saturdays are no problem, but not Tuesdays until the last week of July.


If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves,
and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways;
then will i hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin,
and will heal their land.      
2 Chronicles 7:14
Until next time, we remain.....
Wholy Yours,

Margaret Loew
Wholy Living LLC
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