Wholy Living Recipe


(Whole New Mom)

      3 ½ C soaked, cooked & drained garbanzos                           2 garlic cloves  or 1 T powder

      ¼ C lemon juice                                                                      2 t cumin   

        2 t coriander                                                                          1 ½ t Celtic Salt

       optional  ½ t crushed red pepper ~ this adds heat!                 ¼ C olive oil

       10 T water                                                    ¼ C ground (in coffee mill) sesame seeds


Put all ingredients into the Bosch Food Processor. Run until smooth. Serve with flat bread, flax bread, chips or veggies. Keeps awhile in frig. * Make extra batches. Humus may be frozen for future quick, easy meals & snacks. One cup of dried beans = 3 C cooked.  It takes about 40 minutes in the BRK to cook them. I soaked mine 24 hours.


Add a bit of color, but not much flavor, by throwing cooked beets into the processor. It is so festive!

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