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NEW MIXER AVAILABLE as soon as I can get them here! We are excited to announce the arrival of the NutriMill Artiste Stand Mixer. Finally, a smaller (and more budget-friendly) mixer that can handle all your mixing needs! We like to think of it as the little sister to the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer (The Mother of ALL Mixers).  

  • The Artiste Mixer has a fun, splash of color ~ choose BLACK, RED or SILVER!

  • With a 650-watt motor, it can make up to 10 lbs of dough (even whole grain dough)

  • It has 6 speeds and a pulse

  • Check out the easy, one-touch sliding top cover for adding ingredients

  • The dough hook is designed with a built-in extender 

  • The unique, patent pending rubber seal on the center drive shaft keeps liquids out and your mixer clean!


SIZZLE MEAT TRIVET  ~  $12.50 I use mine almost every time I use my Sizzle. Keeps food elevated off the bottom of the pan.

SUNFLOWER LECITHIN ~ Avoid soy in the dough enhancer by exchanging sunflower lecithin for dough enhancer, tablespoon for tablespoon. Instead of measuring, I just squeeze out a couple of globs into my Bosch Bowl. Works great!


RECTANGULAR PAIL with HINGED LID holds about 35# of grain, it is just 1/2 inch taller than the regular square pails. No gasket, but an easy access to contents. HINT: don’t sit on the lid. White Duct tape is wonderful!



the expert ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt creator, will show you how to make it

YUM!! Learn from

 Deb at TIS’ the SEASON with WHOLY LIVING. This unit makes almost 2 quarts in 20 minutes, no need to refreeze your container, just keep making batch after batch, a super value at just $49.


SUNFLOWER OIL  gallon size $28 ~  Pesticide Free & Expeller Pressed, means no chemicals are used to extract the oil. No transfats, Non-GMO, vitamin E rich, 475* smoke point. Neutral flavor, no odor.

" I personally use sunflower oil in making my mayonnaise, and in every loaf of bread I make. As a  neutral oil, I reach for Sunflower oil for any cooking  I am doing"  Fawn, Fairbanks


CREAMUNCHY PEANUT BUTTER  $43.50 / gallon ~  Non-GMO, no dairy, no gluten, no soy, no salt, just

 freshly ground, roasted peanuts. Creamunchy is a great mix of creamy and crunchy peanut butter That is easy to spread, doesn't need any or hardly ever a stir to use. We have had great reviews from customers here in Fairbanks who prefer this peanut butter to any of the 1 gallons I have carried. Fairbanks customers’ reviews, "Superb in flavor, spreading and mixing" …. "love the one ingredient, thank you!"  those are exact words from texts people sent me.


L’CHEF PERSONAL BLENDER ~ Whirl up a smoothie, make bread crumbs or flax meal, all in the RED based blender. It comes with 2 smoothie jars with drinking lids and a small jar for flax meal etc. Just fill your jar, attach the blades, set on the base, twist & there you go. Pam took one to college, a super value at just $45. Oh yes, the blades also fit on a regular mouth Mason jar. I LIKEN IT TO  A COFFEE MILL ON STEROIDS!


A Vitamix Competitor
A ‘Reconfigured’ ‘Bosch’ Mixer
Hoping for the debut of both at


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