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Heart Healthy Meals Defined


Recently the VA informed my hubby he has high blood pressure. Time for a monitor & meds. I wasn’t convinced, but at least John became more aware of his diet and started monitoring his BP. The pharmacy gave him their recommendations for  the Heart Healthy Diet! My heart sank as I read the protocol. It failed my dad back in 1992. Amazingly, they still publish it today!


From my studies over the last 20 years, this is MPBO = Margaret’s Personal Biased Opinion.

· “Low to no fat.”  Low fat usually translates to high sugar, which usually is high fructose corn syrup.  High sugar is obviously not heart healthy! Instead of no fat, use a conservative amount of HEART HEATLHY FAT, medium chain fats! Our bodies need fat! Exchange vegetable oil, canola oil, corn oil and margarine for coconut oil, butter & olive oil. I know our Aunt Patty’s coconut oils & olive oil are EXCELLENT quality. Our olive oil turns solid in cold, meaning it has not been ‘diluted’ with lesser grade oils, but it doesn’t have that pungent odor. Here is a great article about common cooking oils: https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/common-cooking-oil-cancer-nightmare/?mpweb=144-675584-501355571

· “Use vegetable oil & soft margarine”  Again, olive oil, coconut oils, and butter are superior oils that don’t damage the body like vegetable oil & margarine do. These are man made products, not natural products.

· “Use little or no salt”  I agree. Eliminate Morton bleached processed white salt. However, our bodies need salt, the micro nutrients are vital to our health! Choose a salt with color! The color denotes unprocessed salt with nutrients. Our Pink Himalayan Salt is perfect and very inexpensive! Read our book on salt & you will agree! God commands us to be salt & light. Jesus is the True Bread.  Would God use these analogies if they were unhealthy?

· “Remove fat from homemade broths, soups & stews” I agree if you purchase your chicken & beef from the grocery store. If you are blessed to raise your own chickens and have access to more natural beef, then these broths are vital to your well being. Don’t skim off all the fat. At least consume some. Vital nutrients are in those home made broths! *If you do consume store bought meats, yes skimming off the fat is a good idea. Toxins hide well in fat. Avoiding toxins, good idea!


· “Reduce sugar intake” I agree, especially if you use artificial sweeteners, refined sugar & corn syrup! Even reducing ‘healthy’ sugars” is not a bad idea. But if you do want some sweetness, use a better choice like evaporated cane juice sugar, molasses, honey (a good grade), coconut sugar, etc.

So please do some self study & find out what truly is HEART HEALTHY! It might surprise you!






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Come to Palmer via the Glenn Highway. At the last light before heading to Glennallen, turn onto Arctic headed out of town toward the Butte, from Anchorage a right hand turn. Proceed about 3 miles across the Matanuska River to Clark Wolverine Road on the left. Turn up C W Road, following all the signs and general traffic pattern, go another 3 miles. Where Clark continues straight, turn left onto Wolverine Road. Go 1.5 miles to Lazy Lady Lane on the left. We are the 5th driveway on the right. Wholy Living signs should direct you right on in. Allow about an hour from Muldoon and 30 minutes from Freds in Wasilla except during the 5 pm rush hour traffic. If necessary, give us a call ~ 745-5639.


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