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HEALTH & WELLNESS begin with a good foundation, your diet. Wholy Living’s purpose is to introduce families to the concepts of incorporating grains into the diet, the way God created them to be eaten. Our grains are either Certified Chemical Free or organic which equates to non GMO! Feed your family with the best! With the use of the Nutrimill Harvest or Classic and the Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine, we teach you about the health and economic benefits of making your own fresh whole grain baked goods. It’s an exciting adventure! Many families like yourselves love and appreciate the economical and nutritional benefits of whole foods. Our culture is inundated with processed, nutrient void stuff. WL offers the ingredients to reestablish the lost art of cooking with REAL whole food. Relish the flavors. Energize your body with REAL food. Say good bye to the hydrogenated oil, refined flours, sugar, & salt that contribute to weak, fat, chronically ill bodies. Start thriving with REAL WHOLE FOOD! Come and visit our store up on Lazy Mountain. Attend our Cooking Classes. Explore our website & view a full schedule of classes and events at www.wholyliving.com.

Co-op Update

Greetings! What a lovely fall season we are in right now! Each morning boasts fresh colors, God’s paint brush creating gorgeous scenes to encourage us! 


It is that time of year again! Let the Fall Co-Op ordering begin. The website, like the leaves, is transformed with updated pricing and information. Go ahead & place your order online if you wish, email a list, or print an order form & send it. No money is exchanged online, so no worries about security! Plan to pay at pick up or send a check, anytime, if you like. By placing your order by Friday, October 2nd, you will receive that savings on consumables ~ 10% when you pay with cash or check, 7% for credit card purchases. (These savings may not apply to our more remote customers, serviced by our reps. Those savings offset the extra transportation costs.) Expect to pick up your order in the beginning of November. 


Our newly refreshed website is a work in progress. The next step is a recipe catalog.  


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  • The Class schedule along with Make & Take Open Houses. Register for them on our website, a nice new feature. We added a new one on Tuesday, September 22nd: How to develop & use a POWERHOUSE PANTRY. 

  • New Additions to the Granary: Crystal Deodorant, Wild Rice, Basmati Rice, Mashed Potatoes in #10 cans, Organic White Chocolate Chips

  • Please read Real Food Thoughts from Debbie Deitz; an RX for Fall Preparation, for both food & mood. 

  • Finally, Wholy Thoughts looks back at one of our Country’s Founding Families, John & Abigail Adams who begat John Quincy Adams, our 2nd & 6th Presidents. What was their perspective on life? They faced challenging times, birthing a Nation! We should be eternally grateful for them! 



  • Books are 5 for $5 because you get to take 5 with you! You’ll find some treasures out there… great gifts, too. 

  • Steel Cut oats, Organic, 50# ~ 7 bags left @ $40 each, that is about half price

  • Tapioca Starch ~ 50# bags for $45, I’ll even provide a storage pail for it. 



I lost my phone a couple of weeks ago, which means all my contacts disappeared … another character-building opportunity! If we are text/cell phone ‘friends’ please text me your contact info, of course identifying yourself. If I mail products to you, include your address. 


The newsletter filled up before I could add Debbie’s Comfort Food Recipes. Here they are! Give her a shout via Wholy Living FB page after you try them. 

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