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Welcome to Wholy Living

Welcome to Wholy Living

HEALTH & WELLNESS begin with a good foundation, your diet. Wholy Living’s purpose is to introduce families to the concepts of incorporating grains into the diet, the way God created them to be eaten. Our grains are either Certified Chemical Free or organic which equates to non GMO! Feed your family with the best! With the use of the Nutrimill Harvest or Classic and the Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine, we teach you about the health and economic benefits of making your own fresh whole grain baked goods. It’s an exciting adventure! Many families like yourselves love and appreciate the economical and nutritional benefits of whole foods. Our culture is inundated with processed, nutrient void stuff. WL offers the ingredients to reestablish the lost art of cooking with REAL whole food. Relish the flavors. Energize your body with REAL food. Say good bye to the hydrogenated oil, refined flours, sugar, & salt that contribute to weak, fat, chronically ill bodies. Start thriving with REAL WHOLE FOOD! Come and visit our store up on Lazy Mountain. Attend our Cooking Classes. Explore our website & view a full schedule of classes and events at

Welcome Spring ~ 2024


Great things never come from comfort zones. God wants us to step out, reach to- ward to new horizons & be willing to fol- low Him on a new path! GROW!

Time to PRAISE THE LORD! HUGE VICTORY for FAMILIES & MIDWIVES! Our legislators received a phenomenal amount of communiques from us. They voted AGAINST the governor & FOR BABIES, by a 58-1 margin! Praise God!

Spring Launch

We are so excited to offer such wonderful REAL food to our families. The website is ready for Spring 2024 Co-Op orders. Please take some time to read this newsletter with all the product updates. Place orders as early as possible instead of waiting until Wednesday, April 3rd! Lord willing, pallets will arrive the first part of May. We will email updates & pick up schedules. Probably half of our products maintained the same price, while many items decreased in price! Freds sells 12 oz walnuts for $9.99. We offer them 5# for $20! Shop with Wholy Liv- ing first! You might be amazed at the savings as well as the excellent quality!

Ordering Options... How to place your spring order...

Excel Form.... The easiest to use for you & us! Please try it!

  1. Use the Excel Sheet on the Co-Op News & Order Form link on the Wholy Living website. . Folks in Southcentral use the Local form. Out-laying areas use the Regional Form.

  2. First, click the ENABLE EDITING box.

  3. Fill in your personal info. Next click the PICK UP POINT box. Then click the appropriate

    drop point. (If this isn’t working for you, see the instruction form right beside the Local Ex-

    cel form.)

  4. Then click the 10% or 7% box. The form automatically calculates your savings. Pay by

    check or cash, get the 10% savings on consumables. Credit card payments get the 7% savings. (The Regional Form does not have the savings option, because of the extra transportation costs.)

  5. Then just start your wish list!

  6. Finalize your order & email it to your chosen drop point coordinator! Use the SHARE but-

    ton on the top right hand corner. Choose the EXCELL FORM not the PDF OPTION. It is so simple for you & for us! If you need to refer to the instructions, please do. That PDF is right beside the Excel forms on that page.

Co-Op Updates & Newsletter Highlights:

1. Place orders by Wednesday, April 3rd. Lord willing, pick up begins the first part of May! Prices held very steady! You will be pleased. Even a many significant decreases ~ coconut oil & pecans.
2. Need Equipment or replacement parts? Call me first! I’m local & usually have your part in stock! I have your back when something breaks, so SHOP LOCAL!

3. APHEA CONVENTION - APRIL 12 &13 at Muldoon Christian Assembly. Calling all HOME- SCHOOL FAMILIES ... Here’s your opportunity to hear seasoned educators share their exper- tise & years of experience to inspire you to continue your endeavor! A weekend for the whole family, great time for kids to meet & fellowship as well. Go to their website to register & plan which workshops & speakers would benefit you most. I’ll be there, not at the Granary that weekend. APHEA.ORG

4. ALASKA HOMESTEAD EXPO - APRIL 27 - 28 at Big Lake Lion’s Club. Tandy Hogate of Com- mon Ground Alaska is quite the visionary! Expect all kinds of workshops, vendors, and enthusi- asm over the weekend! Again, I’ll have a table & hold a workshop on Saturday, not Sunday. Lots of buzz around the Valley about this new event! Visit the website....

Alaska Homestead Expo - Common Ground Alaska (

Wholy Thoughts

LETTING PATIENCE WORK - James 1:2 - 4 My brethren count it all joy
when ye fall into divers temptations; Knowing this, that the trying of your faith wor-

keth patience. But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting noting.
What is it that makes temptations or trials bearable? One thing is knowing that God has

a purpose for our problems and that they will be used in some way for good. For in- stance, our text tells us that the trying of our faith ‘worketh patience.’
When our faith is tried, patience is produced. Another word for patience is endurance. Our difficulties are from the factory where patience or endurance, is manufactured.

God is using our trials to develop endurance in our lives. It helps us when we are going through those times of testing to know that it is not in vain Our trials can make us bet- ter, stronger Christians and will thus allow occasions for God to be glorified. James therefore tells us to ‘let patience have her perfect work.’ We have a role and responsi- bility in this process. We cannot choose our trials, but we can choose to allow our trials to produce the character in us that God desires and that we need. The implications is that it is possible that we might not let our trials complete their work in us. We know this can certainly be true. Sometimes, instead of letting our trials complete the work in us that they are designed to produce, we try to get out from under the pressure of the difficulties. One reason we lose faith in the midst of our tests, is that we forget God is in control. The tests are not permanent, and they will help us become what God wants us to be. We need all that our trials can produce in us. James says, ‘that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.’ There are qualities that we need in our lives that are not presently there. One of the ways that God will produce those things in us is through the furnace of affliction. In particular, we need patience and endurance, in our lives.

We do not know all that the future holds. How can we know that we will be able to endure? As we go through trials, God is weaving endurance into the fabric of our char- acter. When we get to the next difficulty, the character he has developed in us helps us endure. As we endure that trial, more endurance is produced in us. God knows what He is doing, and He knows what we need. We need to let patience work.

Wholy Hints

Let’s take a more detailed look at our product line up! Our products are amazing, so many benefits to each one, besides fabulous flavor!

  • BEEF GELATIN ~ Improve your nails & hair by enjoying super simple ‘GELLO’. Use it also as a thickener in puddings, chiffon, homemade ice cream. Add 1 T to 2 C liquid, heat to dissolve. Simply make your own Gellos ~ avoid toxic sugars, chemicals, & dyes in prepackaged jello. The boxed kind is made with pig gelatin. I MUCH prefer our BEEF!

  • Use the new versatile RED SILICONE MUFFIN PANS as Gelatin molds, oversize ice rounds, muffins, or egg cups. EVERYTHING literally pops right out! Use a cookie sheet to support the pans while baking.

  • MILLET ~ Complete protein, good fiber, & iron. Babies love it. Birds love it. People

    love it! Cook 1 C millet in 4 C liquid for 30 minutes. Let rest 10 minutes. Enjoy. Use as

    hamburger ‘stretcher,’ by adding to taco meat, sloppy joes, etc.

  • ORGANIC INSTANT MASHED POTATOES ~ Try a 5# bag of these delicious

    spuds! They are the real deal! Thicken a hearty stew with 1/4 - 1/2 C. Worked

    great for me!

  • ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL ~ Our pure, nutritious oil now comes in a

    convenient quart with full flavor The gallon size boasts a mild more neutral

    flavor, my preference. Now you have options, either full flavor or mild.

  • AGAVE SYRUP & MAPLE EXTRACT ~ Combine 2 t maple extract in a bottle

    with 12 oz of Agave, instant delicious maple syrup. About half price of REAL
    maple syrup, but NO junk , FAKE maple for our families! A win-win! Everyone’s eyes light up when they taste it.


Heard at the end of episode 108, Sue’s Healthy Minutes ....

How often we push aside some important task or opportunity because we are just TOO BUSY! Present company included! Sue likened our universal BUSY - NESS is equal to ...

Maybe it’s time to ponder what God truly does want for us. Am I actually busy or just be-

ing ‘active’? God wants each of us to serve Him by His design, not necessarily what WE deem essential. Think about it! Redeem the TIME God’s way!

See you in the Granary Tuesdays from 3 – 7 or Saturdays from 10 – 12, 

or hopefully at a class!

Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.

Psalm 16:11


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