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Welcome to Wholy Living

Welcome to Wholy Living

HEALTH & WELLNESS begin with a good foundation, your diet. Wholy Living’s purpose is to introduce families to the concepts of incorporating grains into the diet, the way God created them to be eaten. Our grains are either Certified Chemical Free or organic which equates to non GMO! Feed your family with the best! With the use of the Nutrimill Harvest or Classic and the Bosch Universal Plus Kitchen Machine, we teach you about the health and economic benefits of making your own fresh whole grain baked goods. It’s an exciting adventure! Many families like yourselves love and appreciate the economical and nutritional benefits of whole foods. Our culture is inundated with processed, nutrient void stuff. WL offers the ingredients to reestablish the lost art of cooking with REAL whole food. Relish the flavors. Energize your body with REAL food. Say good bye to the hydrogenated oil, refined flours, sugar, & salt that contribute to weak, fat, chronically ill bodies. Start thriving with REAL WHOLE FOOD! Come and visit our store up on Lazy Mountain. Attend our Cooking Classes. Explore our website & view a full schedule of classes and events at www.wholyliving.com.

Co-op Update

WINTER Update ~ 2021-2022

With the Fall Co-Op cycle mostly behind us, let’s settle into regular shopping days, Tuesday from 3 - 7 & Saturday from 10-noon. We do our best to maintain an adequate inventory of all goods on the price list. Thankfully, our suppliers keep the products flowing. God is so good to provide for them, so they supply us! I’ll restock the shelves again in January after end of year inventory! If you have thoughts & opinions about any products of ours, please communicate, especially negative experiences. We want to make changes when necessary. Our goal is to provide healthful foods to Alaskan families at a fair price with excellent service and provide educational opportunities to learn to incorporate good food into your family’s diet. 



Starting in January, we will offer a monthly bread class & a series on the ABCs of Real Whole Foods on Tuesdays & Saturdays. So many plan to attend a class SOMEDAY! Determine to join us for a Bread Class or for an ABC Class, we always learn from each other. January’s Class covers Amaranth, Barley, Buckwheat & Chia seeds. We hope you will expand your repertoire to include new healthful foods into your 2022 diet. Allison broke her foot, so I’ll be teaching all the classes in January & February. The ABC’s on Thursdays instead of Tuesdays. The bread classes will be Saturday afternoon after the Granary closes instead of morning. Lord will, we’ll be back to ‘normal’ in March!


Information from the fall newsletter is still pertinent:


• Also join us for SCHOOL OF GOVERNMENT at Real Life Church, just outside Palmer on the Palmer Wasilla highway at 7 pm. Edna DeVries, MatSu Borough’s amazing mayor, trains us to be more involved and knowledgeable about local government, that which influences our daily lives the most. Students 13 and older meet at 6 pm. Come the FIRST & THIRD MONDAYS of the month!




1. Those fabulous, diced apples infused with cinnamon & sugar, ON SALE!


2.The Instant Mashed Potatoes will be available in February. 40# bag.


3.Dried Mango Strips! Yummy!


4.Sliced Almonds


5.Organic vital wheat gluten in 5# size. Conventional 5# is MIA.


6.Mini Allergen Free Chocolate Chips • 




1. Pancake/Waffle Mix, an easy way to start your day!


2.Palmer Protein Bars using the Pancake Mix as some of that protein.


3.Bread Braids, a fun way to use that extra bread dough. Freeze several for quick meals or desserts. So versatile.




• Maximizing Your Dehydrator ~ highlights from the August class.


Get your dehydrator humming with these new ideas.


• My thoughts on Robert E Lee, a Godly Patriot. God led our Country in the early days through men who loved Him & truly sought truth and direction. Our Country’s foundation was laid because of those who walked with God! We need more of them today!


• Thank you for sharing your time with us! Shop the Palmer Granary Tuesdays from 3 – 7 and again Saturdays from 10 – noon. We keep an adequate inventory rolling between the Spring & Fall Co-Op Orders. Call for an appointment if another time works for you! 745-5639


• The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him. - Psalm 28:7


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