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Our mission is to show the love of Christ through teaching people how easy it is to make and enjoy delicious real food.

The Beginnings of Wholy Living

Meet Margaret

After our August 9, 1975 wedding, I attended a community school bread-making class in Anchorage. My mother had always fattened us with homemade white cinnamon rolls. That must have sparked my interest in bread. What better way to show love than the fragrance of fresh bread wafting through the air? My long suffering husband endured years of hand kneaded, sunken loaves of Stone Burr flour failures. Each week I’d tell him what I would do differently to come up with the ‘perfect’ loaf. 

When we moved across the street from a lady with a stone mill, she would grind enough wheat flour for a batch of bread. Freshly milled flour was Key #1 to my quest for nourishing, delicious bread. Some time later, I used some PFD funds for the closest thing I could find to a bread mixer, a Cuisinart Food Processor with a ‘dough hook.’ The bread improved, but was far from wonderful. While whipping up another loaf, the dough hook stuck on the center post, refused to move. I returned the machine to the company for repair, dough and all! This was not the ideal bread setup. Not long after, a lady at my son’s preschool handed me THE perfect loaf of bread. Barbara introduced me to her Bosch, Key #2. It produced 5 perfect loaves at one time, and came with a Blender, a Slicer/Shredder & whip! What a DREAM MACHINE! If she could make this light, fluffy delicacy, so could I. Now to pay for it… After I advertising my Cuisinart, my commercial Oster blender, my Sunbeam Mixmaster & an electric fry pan, they all sold immediately. The dream kitchen package entered our home on July 15, 1987! 

That Bosch was my kitchen BFF from the start!  Since selling and promoting flows in my genes, I knew the Bosch was what I wanted to market. Barbara moved out of state, ‘taking my connection to Bosch with her.’ Then one day I spotted a car advertising Bosch & Magic Mill, entering the Penney’s parking garage! I followed that car and asked the lady if I could join her team. On February 11, 1988, it was official. Those first few years were VERY slow, just selling a few mills & Bosches. 

An Anchorage health food store was my source for grain, usually just wheat & corn. Then at the State Fair in 1993, my eyes zeroed in on a grain display table. This man from Homer, offered bread samples made from Prairie Gold, grown at Wheat Montana Farms. WMF also offered a wide variety of other certified chemical free grains. WOW! Key #3 to the perfect loaf of bread! Dana from Homer, asked if I would consider becoming a ‘depot’ in this area. What a perfect set up, the best equipment and fabulous grain! God gave me the Wholy Living name, the format for the newsletter, energy to jump in, and my husband’s approval. Our first order might have totaled 1000#s, but it was a beginning. By the spring of ’95, we had a few more friends on board and ordered up 4400#s.  Since then, God has ‘enlarged our coasts.’ A typical order now exceeds 40,000#s. 

Now we offer fall and spring co-op order opportunities.  At this point we provide drop shipment service to customers around the state with an energetic family in charge of disbursing the orders. Pick the destination most convenient for you.

  • Fairbanks  

  • Delta Junction  

  • The Copper Valley  

  • Seward 

  • Soldotna 

  • McGrath 

  • Kodiak         

Between Anchorage & Big Lake, we have these drop points.
           ·       Eagle River 
           ·       Chugiak   
           ·       Palmer   

            ·       Wasilla

Live off the road system? No problem.  We mail out bags, pails & boxes to Bush customers. We pack boxes as heavily & tightly as possible to maximize postage expenses. Estimate $30/50 – 70# for ground postage. We also deliver 1000# pallet size orders to FULL PALLET in Anchorage.  They expedite moving those pallets to Bush communities.  Plan large orders with others in your community for a more economic and convenient method of receiving your order.  They provide a fabulous service, we've used them several times.


So if you are on the road system or live in a village, let us help  you nourish your family with delicious, nutritious REAL FOOD! We love this project and networking with so many fabulous families. What a blessed business! To God be the Glory. This is His business. We will be the ‘stewards’ as long as He directs.  Again, thank you for patronizing Wholy Living and Welcome to our Granary.

Meet Margaret

Proverbs 30:8

Remove far from me vanity and lies: give me neither poverty nor riches: feed me with food convenient for me:

Psalms 147.14

He maketh peach in thy borders, nd filleth thee with the finest of wheat.

(Prairie Gold and Bronze Chief from Wheat Montana)

III John 2

Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

Varieties of Grain

At Wholy Living, we believe real food can change your health. Invest in your health on the front end to avoid trying to regain lost health on the back end! We observe many of our peers trying to regain vibrancy through medicine, surgeries, and  doctor recommendations. We are blessed, crediting REAL FOOD, Kangen water, but mostly God’s blessing for our health! 


Investing on the front end means committing time to prepare REAL FOOD to nourish your family. 

Ø  Invest a little time each day to ‘stock your powerhouse pantry’ to create delicious meals

Ø  Eliminate toxic, cheap foods that deteriorate health

Ø  Adopt the 85% - 15% plan = 85% healthy, REAL food and 15% ‘not ideal’ foods

Ø  This investment involves a little time more than money. Eating REAL food is by far less expensive than processed, prepackaged ‘food.’


We’ll teach you how to do it in just a few minutes a day, the first steps to a healthier life. God designed our bodies to thrive on food He created for us.  Experience the joy and energy you feel when fueling your body with nutrient dense, power-packed, whole food. What passes for food today bears little resemblance to the living organisms God created to fuel and sustain our bodies. Set aside the (SAD) Standard American Diet ~ white flour, white sugar, stripped salt, hydrogenated oils, packaged boxes of cereal, snacks & treats. Fill your pantry with whole grains, less processed sweeteners and honey, seeds, nuts, beans, dried fruit, and healthy, pure oils. Add in some sweets, the healthier variety. This is life in healthy balance. Since we are the stewards of our own bodies, we must take charge of our intake, to become and maintain a healthy body for His SERVICE. 


Eating right is a mind set and commitment. The only way to know what you are eating is to make it yourself. Our Granary is stocked with all the ingredients you need for your Powerhouse Pantry: grainsbeanssweeteners, oils, dried fruits & nuts, and other natural foods. Our classes and events demonstrate how to use our top of the line equipment ~ Bosch Kitchen Machines, Grain Mills, Cooking Pots ~ the Proverbs 31 woman’s ‘servants.’ Bread is only the beginning of what we do. Simple Meals in Minutes, Cooking and Baking with Whole Grains, in short, nutritional education is our true goal. We want to help as many families as the Lord allows! 

REAL FOOD made simple, not rocket science, just economical simple food, delicious food, that we are designed to use. 


Whether you’re a customer or not, we want you to live the life you were intended to live, with good, vigorous health. That’s why our calling is to share the message of healthy eating simplified. Good health is a choice, not chance. Invest in your health now! Prevention is joy, life & peace instead of trying to recover your health once it slips. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves. Let us help you keep your vibrancy with amazing nutrition! 


Hi Margaret,

I hope this wasn't too long but I felt like I needed to give some background explaining that it may be a long process but there is hope.


At the age of 5 months my son flared up with horrible skin rashes. I was desperate to find answers and started through the medical field. When their answer was to give him bleach baths and put him on steroids I continued to look for answers elsewhere. Through Dr. Greg Sternquist from the Alaska Health Improvement Center I began to understand true healing comes from a whole foods diet that nourishes the body. This became a journey to change our whole family’s way of thinking about food. While our bodies healed from the damage caused by processed and genetically modified foods we went on a very strict simple diet (no grains, sugar, dairy, soy). My son was not able to heal from the inside out for a year and a half BUT HE HAS! During this time, I was introduced to Margaret Loew and her approach to preparing and eating REAL food. Margaret sources grains that are organic, heirloom and pesticide free which is the way that God has created it to be. This way of eating satisfies hunger. The taste has not been compromised. We don’t suffer the consequences of eating dead food. As a mom it is life giving to my soul knowing we get to enjoy our food and eat it with no regrets.

Amy DeVries

Wholy Living is a great place to start and maintain your health journey.  Margaret's classes are fun and informative.

Debbie Richards, Business Ownver

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