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Coopertive = marked by a willingness and ability to work with others; an enterprise or organization owned by and operated for the benefit of those using its services

Co-Op Information


Twice a year, in September and March, we publish a Wholy Living Newsletter and Order Form. Many families appreciate replenishing their pantries at that time. If you choose to pick up your order from any of our distribution points between Anchorage & Trapper Creek, you will save 10% on the consumables when you pay with cash or check. By using a credit card, your savings is 7% on the consumables. (Fairbanks and Palmer are the only depots who accept CCs.) If you pick up from our outlying drop points, the 10% savings does not apply. It pays for additional shipping costs. Watch your inbox (or snail mail box, if you request a hard copy) for a notice to explore the website & place an order. We try to give you a couple of weeks to submit the order. Then we will email again about the first part of May & November, when all the pallets arrive & are staged for pick up.


To place an order, here are your options: 

1. Click the Shop link & proceed to our web store. Create an account & follow the links. Fill your cart. At the end you will choose where you want to pick up your order. Then check out. No money is exchanged on the website. Just pay at pick up. The savings with be applied at that time. 

2. Open the Palmer Price List & Order Form PDF on the Co-Op News & Form link. Click on the bar. Sometimes a previous form opens unless you actually click on the bar. Fill out the form & send it to the Drop Point where you want to pick up your order. Scroll down for that info. 

3. On the Co-Op News & Forms link, choose the Excel Format. Start by printing the Excel Instruction page. Follow those simple steps to complete the form & email it to the Drop Point where you want to pick up your order. The Local Excel form applies to the Anchorage to Trapper Creek Drop Points. The Regional form applies to the Kenai Peninsula, Seward, Copper Valley, Delta & McGrath Drop Points. This method is easier than you might think. Give it a try! It does all the math. Print it out or save it. I love it! 

4. To totally restock your pantry, open the 6 month suggested supply. This form gives you enough supplies for a batch of bread each week, plenty of grains, sweeteners, seeds, nuts, oils and more goodies for baking; ingredients for homemade granola and beans for meals. I created the order form as a guide from what our family uses. Please modify it to fit your family’s taste buds & needs.


We are very blessed to have a team of families distributing Wholy Living products around Alaska. They will contact you when your order is ready for pick up. Please be as prompt as possible to retrieve your order. Respect their time & effort by picking up ASAP or arrange for someone else to pick up for you! Each Co-Ordinator runs their business separately, and may want some payment sooner than pick up. Please mail your payment to your preferred depot or pay at pick up.  

As with any business, we usually experience back orders and occasional hiccups during the pick-up process. Thanks so much for your gracious understanding when these issues arise.  

For further information, explore the website or contact one of our depot reps. Give them your best contact info, so you will receive notices about classes, sales & future order cycles.


Feel free to call us. We love to answer questions, assist you with your equipment, and fill orders. 


Visit the Palmer Granary when you come to the Valley

Tuesdays from 3 to 7 

Saturdays from 10 until noon 

Or call to make an appointment.


Margaret Loew    745-5639 

Visit our website at

15091 E Lazy Lady Lane

Palmer, AK 99645

These families are willing and anxious to provide you with personalized services during our Spring & Fall Co-Op ordering opportunities. However, please contact Margaret for any orders placed between the two orders. They all have very busy family lives and coordinating product swapping with them, yourselves & me is quite a chore. So fill in orders between the Fall & Spring orders will be handled directly with me in the Palmer Granary. We make twice a week trips into Anchorage, so it is fairly easy to connect with us! Feel free to email me at


Margaret Loew

15091 E Lazy Lady Lane

Palmer, AK. 99645


Eagle River

Sonja Vaughn

21801 Knik Vista

Chugiak, AK. 99567



Meagan Funk

Box 346

McGrath, AK. 99627



Bekah Olson

464 Keep Dr.

Fairbanks, AK 99712



Kristy Taylor

Box 1976

Seward, AK. 99664


Trapper Creek - Willow

Marchell Lilland

Box 13373

Trapper Creek, AK. 99683


Delta Junction

Cyndi Hayden

Box 1107

Delta Junction, AK. 99737

at Up a Creek Farm on Barley Way



Kathe Kale

Box 670029

Chugiak, AK 99 567


Soldotna & Kenai

Morgan Sauer

30513 Hopeful Circle

Soldotna, AK. 99669


Kenny Lake, Glennallen & Valdez

Katie Helkenn

HC 60, Box 306

Copper Center, AK. 99573


Mail Out Orders

Margaret Loew

15091 E Lazy Lady Lane

Palmer, AK. 99645


Elsie Loewen

6719 Bogle Bluff Dr.

Wasilla, AK. 99654



Melissa Holta

9550 Brien St.

Anchorage, AK. 99507


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